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👋🏾 Hi, I'm @fyrfli

My real name is Camille Frantz and I've had the @fyrfli moniker since the mid-1990s.


I was born in Kingston, Jamaica. I went to school up to college there as well. I started my career after college maintaining and running a payroll programme, written in COBOL on an IBM System 36 machine. It was one the last holdouts of that technology in our company. Eventually, additional projects were added to my workload, written in Informix SQL.

Thereafter, I found myself coding in Informix SQL, then administering Informix databases and coordinating with the system administrators on *nix servers hosting Informix databases, then when I moved to a new company, found myself managing Oracle databases and supporting a interconnect wireless provider application.

Since moving to the US, my journey has detoured quite a bit - into writing, editing, facilitative mediation, intercultural communication, and social work. Then right back into IT with web work. And I am currently upgrading and honing my web development skills. Mostly HTML, CSS, and Javascript at the moment.

I'm curious by nature so I dig deep and learn about all sorts of things. I've taught myself git, docker (just enough to run a few self-hosted apps including Gitlab), nginx, among other tools and I am currently working on a deeper understanding of frontend coding on Udemy.

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